About atex

atex is a creative digital marketing agency for the new era of advertising

Our owner, Gheorghe Richards, founded atex to inspire brands to connect powerfully to their consumers. Gheorghe has worked in video production and traditional digital marketing and found that the process let down to support brands directly. This is why atex was created.

atex specialises in the creative digital marketing agency that helps businesses build and amplify their brand to their consumers. We have the technical know-how to deliver everything from a short digital marking campaign to a full-blown TV commercial. Our experts work collaboratively to develop personal strategies, concepts, designs, and more to engage, convert, and entertain your market.

We have seen a shift in the way advertising to consumers, in a world in that creativity and media are so naturally merged and kinked together, they simply cannot live apart anymore.

We see the new advertising age in which creativity and media are so intrinsically linked and intertwined that they cannot live apart anymore.