At atex, we have a resourceful team of editors, videographers, photographers, animators, designers, marketers and creative strategists. All the team needed to breathe life into your brand.

Our team of passionate creatives works with you to reach your scope in an environment that promotes collaboration and growth. 

We tailor every project to fulfil the client scope, listen, and respond to individual needs while actively developing to curate the final product.


Our purpose is to bring the next big ideas to our clients, allowing them to develop. These ideas come from our creative strategists and broader innovative team, who work to bring forward-thinking ideas to life. If approved, our team can execute.

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We partner up with ambitious and disruptive brands to strengthen their business.


Video Marketing has become more critical than ever for brands to build their online identity and image.

Our crew members are built to work effectively on video production projects to create engaging videos that support brands in staying relevant and sharing their messages appropriately.

Our team works across every type of video content – from music videoes to digital ads – in both a one-off capacity or retained basis.


We have the ability to deliver still imagery for our clients when needed, from fashion to product photography.

Our crew are often out on location, working with clients to assist in producing thrilling stills that can be utilised via selected digital marketing platforms.


When working with direct to consumer brands and more, graphic design can have a considerable role to play in the performance of assets created. Our graphic designers are well versed in what can be done to improve this version.

When it comes to design, our designers work across elements of digital marketing, from a complete rebranding to a high-performance social ad campaign.


We aim to fully understand your brand and recommend target markets, objectives, and strategies to transform your business growth.

We tailor every project to fulfil the client brief, listening, challenging, and responding to individual needs whilst actively adopting to curate the final product. We have the technical know-how to execute a social media post or a full-blown campaign, depending on your requirements. 


Creative strategy is where the creative purpose comes into full power.

Our creative strategists understand what must be assembled to draw together an overarching creative strategy that will meet all the deliverables whilst securing the brand's identity is not compromised.

Want to work with us?

We partner up with ambitious and disruptive brands to strengthen their business.